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Seat Deal ?


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Anyone know of a sale on Beard or Mastercraft seats ? I need a pair of std width high backs.


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if your not set on those specific brands go with corbeau baja seats feel the same and are only like 130-140 regularly

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TS, Lee at RaceShock Co. has some Beards and the new Renegades available.

Call the shop at 602-493-3700. He may answer Sunday.



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we have 2 Mastercraft seat that need rebuilding. Is it worth paying 150 each for the rebuild or get new ones from other sources? Are Mastercraft much better than other makes?

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I'm looking for new seats as well. I was looking at the mastercraft pro36 high back, and beard ultra pro. Any one recomend anyothers and have an opinion on which of these is better. I know im lookin' to spend a pritty penny, so saftey is more a concern than price.


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Since money is less of an issue I would recomend the mastercraft seats. I have had them in the past and think that they are the most comfortable seats around. As far as safety I think that all the major seat manufacturers are pretty comprable. Although for a daily driver/prerunner the ticket is run the extra wides. I have them in my ranger and they allow a little more room to move around instead of the real snug fit of the standard seats ( the snug fit is bitchin' for playin in the dirt but is a pain to deal with on a daily basis).

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I would think if you could get enough people interested in buying seats. I dont see why Beard or Mastercraft would not make some sort of deal. Its business.. Let me know who all is seriously interested and what you are looking at and I will contact both manufacturers.


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One could save a few bucks by getting the Renegades or Beards (see my post above), But....
When I put the Mastercrafts in my Nine car, I thought I added King Coil overs! I had the ones with the removable cushion. Got 'em at Kartek.

They were all that!