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Ok. here is my latest idea. I have a ranger x-cab, and i am putting some mastercraft seats in (2). I wanted to put a third seat in, in the back facing forward inbetween the two seats. I was planning on using possibly the seat that beard makes that is smaller, but wanted to know if anyone had done this, and with what success. I have seen it done in full size trucks, but not very much in rangers.

thanks in advance


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I also have that same idea for my Toyota Ext. Cab. I think it might fit if there is no center console and the person in the back can put their feet through the front 2 seats.

Anyone seen this in a Toyota before?

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A few race trucks have done it : Perry Mc Neils class 7 ranger and Jeremy Johnsons 7s ranger also has 3 seats. It's a tight fit. The 3rd seat passenger had better be thin and short.


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It is going to be a tight fit. Typically the third seats are used in fullsize trucks where there is more room.