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Just curious. I have noticed that some trucks have gone away with the beards and mastercraft type seats. They are now running those MOMO and Corbeau rally style seats. I was wondering if any of you have used these, and if they give more support, and are as comfortable and soft as the beards and mastercrafts. I know post is running the corbeaus, and the new toyota 7s in the new offroad magazine has the MOMO's.


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I have sat in some Momos and Recaros and I think it would be a rough ride in anything other than a trophy truck. I do not think the seats compare to a nice suspension seat. My neighbor gets these type of seats free because he is into the import scene and has a lot of sponors to give him free stuff. I have sat in all of the ones he has gotten and they do not compare in my opinion...and if you are big they are really crappy.

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Kind of what I figured.

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I had a pair of corbeau rally seats and they were OK but when the covers got worn, it would cost me more in an upholstery shop to recover than buying Mastercrafts, the only way to go. The seats are firmer than the other brands and will stay that way longer. Nothing worse than buying (cheap) new seats and having them turn to mush in a couple of years. At least when you buy American made seats they can be serviced by you or you can send them in to be rebuilt. And Kartek has a bunch of Mastercrafts in stock.