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Securing a vehicle to a flatbed???


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Ok, it's time (and I can afford it) to not be a recheck about securing vehicles to the flatbed. . .

. . .What do to guys recommend?

Obviously there is Mac's Tie Downs, but what do you recommend? Axle straps, wheel nets, load binders like I am use to seeing with tractors, etc?

Also, what are tie back straps that I see with the axle straps?


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I personally like the straps. Wheel nets can be sketchy at times if you have a leaky tire, they will not be as effective as you think.
Best thing to do is talk to MAC's and explain to them what you have, maybe send them a picture of what your setup looks like on the trailer.
They can help you choose the best set up for your needs.
I have a 32' flatbed and I spoke with MAC's. After that I decided to install 30 swivel D rings along with a winch up front. Best thing I've ever done. I always have a D ring no matter what is on the trailer.


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I decided to go with Mac's Super Pack (axle straps) with chain extensions on the end. . .I don't have D-rings on the deck of my trailer (and I don't want them. . .I don't trailer a vehicle very often, but I do haul LOTS of cargo and I need a surface with no interuptions or bumps for moving stuff around with the forklift dolly. . .D-rings would definitely screw with that).

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How about the flush mount hooks or D-rings on side edge/bottom of trailer? Latter quicker to install.


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I didn't think about welding D-rings to the metal frame work. . .that I could do without affecting my deckspace; good idea!!!



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I bought the swivel D rings and just bolted them in. That way if anything did happen to one of them I could replace it without messing up the deck.