Seeking garage Fab Help with LT kit


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Greetings. Have an 05 f150 4x , current has a 4" spindle drop bracket kit and 37's. I've had a jd Fab lt (or mid) kit for awhile now. Have not bought longer cv and this has been factor in delay, then learned could cut the existing axle out (temp 2x)I am a nomadic dirtbag. Not lot of moneyIf I could find someone with a place tools skills could maybe afford vs taking it to big er shop. 500 for 1-1.5 days. ? If anyone is interested, hit me up we'll talk. I'd also like a team effort unless you prefer on your own. I'm in the i.e. Right now, going out to my remote property in AZ soon. Thought I'd see before I tear my truck apart solo way off the grid.