Selecting coilover spring rates???


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Feb 2, 2008
Silverdale, WA
I'm getting ready to build an SAE buggy from scratch and I need to figure out my spring rates. . .

I used this spring calculator to get a rough idea for the front springs. . .I don't have the rear suspension done yet so I don't know all the values to calculate for the rear yet.

It gave me a primary spring rate of 108# and a tender spring rate of 71#. I have immediately available 120# primary springs and 60# tender springs. . .which I'm guessing should be close enough, right?

Here are the numbers I used in the spring calculator:
-Total wheel travel: 16"
-% Droop: 50%
-Spring angle from vertical: 23*
-Distance from pivot point to shock mount: 31"
-Distance from pivot point to wheel centerline/wheel mounting surface: 40"
-Sprung corner weight: 175# (I used a projected buggy weight of 350#, driver weight of 180#; set the weight distrubution at 54% front/46% rear and used half that value for the corner weight. . .not exact but it's only a buggy on paper at this point).

Thanks for any and all help!