Selling my 20+ year collection of Baja Offroad Racing Memorabilia 1968-1995

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I've posted an add and 50 photos in the classified section of Race Desert Baja Offroad Racing Memorabilia Collection 1968-1995 NORRA HDRA SCORE

My 70 father is battling prostate cancer and I'm selling to help with his medical bills. I was working on a goal of having a small Offroad museum collection, but have sold off the trucks and buggies I had and just have this collection left. I would also like to potentially find a buyer who would to purchase it, and donate all or parts of it to the Offroad Motor Sports Hall of Fame in Jean, NV since they are a non profit and this could be a good year end tax write off for a business, I'm not in a position financially do do that but there probably are folks on here who would, please tag, share and help spread the word. This collection needs a good home to preserve, display and promote in the community.

Collection includes:

* Cataloged Driver/Vehicle Photos - 2664 photos from 492 drivers, about half 8x10, sources: Las Vegas News Bureau, Centerline Photography, Trackside Photo & TUCA Productions

* Armstrong Tires New Press Releases - hundreds of pages 50 photos mostly 8x10

* BFGoodrich Press Releases - 62 photos mostly 8x10 with corresponding press release

* HDRA / SCORE Race & Event Info - 2 file boxes of advertising, sponsor, planning info & results 1982 Frontier 500 to 1995 Baja 500

* Roger Mears Racing Collection - 156 photos press releases, office info, race info for race events up to 1997 season including Pikes Peak, NASCAR Sports Truck and Mickey Thompson Stadium Offroad

* Mickey Thompson Stadium Offroad Racing Series Info - 1989 to 1994 media info, yearbook with driver autographs

* SCORE News - 26 issues from #1 June 1974 to 1980

* Mixed Media - Autoweek Coverage of 1969, 1971, 1973 Baja 1000, National Geographic 1972 Mexican 1000, Revel 72 Hours to Lapaz soundtrack, 1981 Industry directory, and misc

* SCORE HDRA Race Programs - 42 programs 1975 to 1995

* 35mm Slide Collection - 296 color slides from events early 1970s to 1990s, slide viewer/projector + a few hundred more slides mixed in with the driver/vehicle photo collection

* Trophies / Plaques - 1977 Mint 400 6th Place, 1982 HDRA Coors Offroad Series

* Mint 400 Race Jackets - (14) 1971 - 1983 also including a Race Jacket with multiple patches including Sears Baja 500, Sears East African Safari, and Sears Mexican 1000 among others

* Bell Race Helmet, Bag, and neck brace from early Baja race competitor

* Vintage Offroad Wheels & NOS or OS Early Offroad Tires - See photos & BFG Tires dealer sign.

* Two Walker Evans Dodge Race Truck Fenders and a fender from Robby Gordon's 1st Red Bull Sponsored

* Pit Passes & Event Memorabilia - a few hundred including pit passes, parking passes for the races above

* Mint 400 Race Buttons - (16) from 1971-1985 driver, crew, press, staff, official, contingency etc

* Dash Plaques Race Events - (46) from SCORE, NORRA & HDRA 1972 Mexican 1000 to 1998 Baja 1000

* Metal Pin-Back Buttons - (23) from SCORE HDRA 1974 Desert Grand Prix to 1991 Parker 400

* Event Patches - (40) from SCORE, NORRA, HDRA 1968 Mint 400 to 1989 Baja 500

* Event Hats - (5) Baja 300 Power Days, Nissan Cup Off road Series, Mint 400

I have cataloged the items into an excel spreadsheet, including the list of drivers, the collection is located in Buckeye, AZ 85326, delivery may be arranged or if purchasing and donating to the Offroad Motorports Hall of Fame I can deliver to their location in Jean, NV. I have been collecting, aquiring and purchasing items for this collection for over 20 years and would like to find a good home to that is able to utilize, preserve and promote this collection from here.



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Wow. Those are all great and priceless. Good luck with the sale.


Would you be willing to sell anything individually?

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Hello Thanks for the interest. I have received a number of emails and calls about selling pieces but at thia time im interested in selling it all as a collection, it took me 20 years to get this all together, or I'd like it to be purchased and donated to ORMHOF, or someone that can display, preserve and promote it together. If we get to the first of the year and no prospect for that happending then I may sell off pieces.

I have started a list of who is interested in what, as people contact me I will keep a record, you can message me what you are interested in and will keep you in mind.


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That's a real nice collection there...........I am sure if you pieced it out, most would go fast. I would be a player


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Fun to see. I can’t help but to note that one of Walker’s bedsides is sporting a Fresh Air System sticker- Very valuable

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Going to try and make an effort to sell the collection again, I had to take a few months to focus on family and work. Dropping the price to $10k and will personally deliver the collection to the buyers door in the lower 48 states US. I just posted a new add in the Classified Vintage section