Sequential trans question

Hello, is anyone running a clutch stopper on there pedal. I heard it was a good idea so you don't have to go all the way in when shifting using there clutch. Any pics of there setups. Thx - Mike

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The clutch pedal stop is there to not over-extend the slave cylinder on an Albins or Weddle trans, since the slave cylinders are mounted inside the bell housings. 2 things can happen without it:

(1) The piston that pushes the throw bearing into the clutch fingers can get pushed out of the slave cylinder housing, then you have to pull the engine to reset and re-bleed the system.

(2) Some clutch covers can have the fingers pushed too far in and interfere with the disc behind/inside, causing damage to the clutch.

The pedal stop should be set so that the clutch can fully open and uncouple the engine and trans, then set the stop about 1/4" past that point.