serpentine vs v belt


im looking into getting all the accessories for my 4.3L v6 and was wondering if it would be best to go serpentine or v belt for my accesories. also for v belt i would need to run multiple belts to run the the water pump, power stering pump and altenator.

how would i run the 3 accesories with v belts? dual pulley on crank that went to water pump and altenator then a dual pulley on the water pump to power steering? would this be how I would do it? for a serpentine belt do i need to run a tensioner or can i get away with using the altenator as the tensioner?



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My vote is serpentine for simplicity. Even though it really isn't that much work to change 3 V-Belts, it's a third of the work to do one serpentine.

Yes, you could use the alternator to tension the serpentine.