SF 250 Vs KOH


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Neither go with Best in the Desert Parker 425. Great racing on a great course with a professiona; organized promoter that has had this event at this time frame for ever. No tow stepping on with BITD! Score racers will go to Score! I predict even less TT at KOH this year then last year. IMO of course


All the Monster and Toyo guys will be at KOH. The sponsor exposure at KOH has got to be 10 times that of San Felipe.
From a business perspective guys with sponsors would be much better off at KOH. How many TT guys also have UTV contracts for KOH?


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All the Monster TT teams didn’t even go this year, ( pretty sure same for Toyo) what makes you think they go in 2021 especially considering there is a schedule conflict.


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Koh is the place for sure. It’s like a burning man for off-roaders. Will be racing 11 car there very excited
Great reason not to go to many yahoo's. Ya you should probably not go to Parker its a little rough for an 11 car there.