Shane from Florida


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Hi all, Shane from Florida here. 43 yo, new to off road (other than mud anyway) but not new to racing.

Grew up in my uncles race shop helping put together Dirt late Models, went on to roadrace motorcycles along with some flat track off and on for about 15 years. When I finally accumulated enough injuries to make that hard to do I raced a winged sprint car for a while. Stopped racing the sprint because of a lack of time.

Have done a lot of race fabrication work for both dirt and road racing and have had very nearly a complete race fab shop packed into a shipping container for going on 20 years, lol. I've been very interested in off road racing my whole life but never had the chance to get involved as it just doesn't happen on the east coast. That situation is likely about to change.

If nothing happens I'll be semi retiring and moving to Austin this year (Octoberish) with the GF and plan to get very involved! Once I get out there I'd like to get my hands on a 7100 truck and dive in head first. Looking forward to the tuning, problem solving, and fabricating nearly as much as the racing. When I was racing bikes half the fun was the tuning and part designing/fabricating.

Been lurking for a while, just now signing up.