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I have often wondered how many barrels of oil a day are wasted PASSING all of those Prius thingy's?
the damn things are always in the way

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Green energy is stripping the earth faster than fossil fuels are. All the mineral resources that go into building a hybrid or electric vehicle are staggering. If you want to save the earth. Keep your junk on the road.


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Fine I guess I'll reserect this

Back in 1847 a guy by the name of brigham young headed to what is now the salt lake vally coming down what's called immigration canyon he tells his sheep.....err "followers" this is the shitzz...I mean the PLACE!

They settle in building fences, corrals, places to live in etc. After about 3 months he tells his scouts to head west & check out the new territory to see what else is out thier.........After a month or so the scouts came back to the settlement & told ole Brigham that the only thing to do out thier is fish & fu#$..... (I meant fornicate) Brigham ponders for a moment grasping his beard rolling it in his fingers clears his throat and says to the followers in a booming voice

So next time your in salt lake city you'll know why the great salt lake is salty

Oh and another thing if you think thier liquor laws are funny you should see thier underwear.
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