Sheckler Goes, Big Really Big At Blush – Las Vegas Wynn Casino !


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With thousands of other online stores, none can come close to what can deliver. Wait, …. Sheckler does racing… well he was smart enough to make something others can grind too , besides his sick skating skills. No more searching dozens of sites at once or buying junk on Ebay from some dude selling out of his garage or bathtub its all about providing one site with the guaranteed lowest price. Oh ya and its Guaranteed. So lets say someones trys to beat ShecklerRacing with a price well, you will never pay more for any product at ShecklerRacing guaranteed! If you happen to find the same product at a lower price, we will refund the difference – plus $1 for your sweet little time- promptly. And, to show their commitment to you, you have 1 FULL Year of price protection from the date of your purchase. Too good to be true right… well its not talk about kicking ass and world domination! So dont just give it a shot, book mark and spread the world because saving money and buying more is always better.

The corporate objective of Sheckler Racing LLC is to supply world class parts and accessories to a global market place. Founded in January 2009, Sheckler Racing ( is poised to be a leader in the on-line retailing of parts and accessories for the motorcycle and automotive market place

Sheckler Racing ( offers the broadest array of parts and accessories for the Motocross, ATV (all terrain vehicles), Watercraft, Sport Bike, Harley Davidson and Metric Cruiser markets.

Our Life………

Quality / Reliability / Customer Service……A Cultural Change at Sheckler Racing LLC; Sheckler Racing has formed a partnership with Quality/Reliability/Customer Service that can never be destroyed. Here at Sheckler Racing we have an unwavering partnership that demands that our suppliers have the customer at the forefront of quality, reliability and customer service. With this partnership, Sheckler Racing has built a protective barrier that guards the integrity of every product and service we provide.

One of Sheckler Racing’s Cornerstones of Success, is EXCELLENCE! To meet and exceed our customer service goals Sheckler Racing. has instituted a multi-level, continuous training program for all employees. At Sheckler Racing we pledge to continue to develop customer driven systems and software so that we can maintain and improve our high level of service for our many customers.
Sheckler Racing will continue to pioneer powerful new interactive systems to provide you with the latest information pertaining to our focused markets. On our website ( you can request price and availability information, access a full on line catalog for 6 different market places and provide feedback on products and services. Utilization of these services can be done 24/7 (24 hours per day / 7 days per week).

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Pretty cool idea. Good luck with it and the site looks good...