Ship some stuff to Sweden


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Hi everybody.

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Is anyone of you interested in helping me " decorate " my garage with some cool off road things.

As we don`t have this type of racing in Sweden it`s hard to get hold of the good stuff.

i`m interested in all kind of things related to off road racing,, like, stickers, posters, t-shirts, even used wrecked stuff like maybe a fender from a real trophy truck, it would be cool to hang on the wall, or if you could help me with brandsigns ( fox, king etc etc.. ) to put on my walls..

I wanna dress up my garage like a true off road racing maniac................

Please help with whatever you got..

Best regards from Sweden


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Have an address?
(You can PM if ya want)

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If you make it down to England, you can come play trucks in my barn if you like. Always happy to have another hand that like off road racing, especially if its Baja.

Cheers from the Yank banished to the UK:D


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I can put together a care package of some stuff for you... but i, too, need an address...


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Linus - pm me ur address and t-shirt size - I got a few things ill send ur way from the off road world....What about sand drag racing? I can get stuff there as well......

I know where there is 3/4 of scott douglas' hood from his corr truck laying in a pile of trash but it would be crazy to try to wrap and ship it....


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pm me your address.


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Anyone got some stickers,, score, fox, king, or your team stickers..??

Is there anybody in this forum that can get hold of a signed poster from Robby Gordon, mcmillin or any other racer with their own posters..

Kind of cool when you get it signed like,, good luck with your build Linus,, or something, feels more personal..

Don`t want you to feel like i`m all trouble, making requests from Sweden,, but it`s not that easy to find theese things here..

I really want that desert racer feel, when i step in to my garage,

Thanks again..