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Shipping a car?

Phillip Moores

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Anyone ever deal with purchasing and shipping a car? I found a great dual sport but it is 13 hrs away...
Any recommendations of who to use for shipping or what to watch out for. Any general advice??! Thanks.


Non Sugar Coated
Reliable carriers works great never had any issues whatsoever, pilot transportation is good also.
If your not in a big hurry talk to them about a pickup time when thier in the vehicles location it can save you alot when your not in any hurry.

Get on the Copart totalled car website checkout thier approved carriers section theirs a bunch of them you can checkout.

blue dog

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Used Reliable when I purchased a Ram from a dealer in Dallas. Delivered right to my door, was a flawless transaction.
I've hauled many different types of vehicles, TT's, Pre runners, Utv's, Broncos from Oklahoma and the Big Ole Bronco. I have a Class A license, Ford F350 dulley and a 20foot flatbed trailer.
I've gone with A1 Auto Transport to ship a couple times, but not for a car I bought. I'm sure it's not much different as long as you get the other party on board though. I've definitely heard the reliable name out there a few times too though. Why not just get an estimate from both and see which is cheaper?