Shock angle for short course 4 link?


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I need to find the correct shock angle for my short course 4 link set up. I am using 2.5 14inch coilovers with 150 over 250 spring rate and when i get on the gas hard the whole rear of the truck lifts up really high. And when i go around corners on the gas it lifts up again. When i tighten the springs down some it stops lifting up but it sits way stink bug. I cant find out why it does it so one of the reasons i think it does it is because of the shock angle. Its at around a 20 deg forward angle right now. If someone can help me on this let me know thanks.


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...when i get on the gas hard the whole rear of the truck lifts up really high...
Your links are setup with more than 100% anti-squat. If you don't want it to lift so much move the links to reduce the amount of anti-squat.


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Yeah, just read through the thread over on Dezertrangers and you are going to get the exact same responses here. Your problem has nothing to do with shock angles. Correct your issues with arm length and angles and your problem will go away. You can move your shocks wherever you want, but that will not solve your problem.


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The only thing that shock mounting angle will affect is your spring rate. . .generally speaking once you go 30-35 degrees past vertical you start to lose spring rate.