Shock angles


Im curious about the angles of shocks with Ibeam suspension.

On my old truck I just ran hoops with the C/Os vertical (or slightly angled outwards a few degrees to compensate when the iBEAM moves up/down) and mounted to the front face of the iBEAM.

Now that Ive torn apart my truck, Ive been looking at the option of possibly mounting my shocks using more angle (mount the top of the shock more twoards the center of the truck so that they attach to the iBEAMs at angles similar to how alot of IFS systems work vs a vertical fashion) My engine is being moved back so I do not need to worry about space. The baja shops black Ranger appears to have its C/Os slightly angled. Ive always been under the impression that you can obtain more travel by playing with the angle of your shocks but in turn the more your shocks is angled the less the shock is working correct? Has anyone else played with this geometry at all with iBEAM suspension, please give me pros and cons.


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