Shock Fade


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Is there anything that can be done about shock fade? We've got two SwayAway 2.5' coilover and one bypass...on the rear of our car. After about 60 miles they really start to fade. I don't know if this is normal and we just need to valve it stiffer so when it fades its ok, or if we need to use a different type of oil? Do we need to change the oil after every race? Bigger reservoirs? Step up to 3.0 shocks?
Any suggestions?

Matt Nelson
Team Kwik Racing


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it sounds to me you dont have them valved correctly, and yes you do need to rebuild them after every race
with new oil.


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During the MDR race last weekend my Bilstein shocks got so hot that it melted the stickers off the cans. But they never felt like they faded.....thats got to say something about bilstein oil.

I'll probably change the oil though before I do the next major prerun.


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well first off how old are the shocks and what is the travel on them? saw had problems with ther older shocks like the shims broke in the piston cause the piston was made wrong, the resevoirs were pitted and the dividing pistons were in backwards with a small o ring so you might want to have them checked out take them to kartek they have all the updated parts in the bake i believe the parts are free but the labor is not and also with regards to fading usually fading is because they are getting to hot which means they are valved wrong take them to kartek tell them the car class(10 12 5 etc)it is and the stroke of them also if you have to light of a spring you might be trying to over compensate with the shock or the other way if its to heavy of a spring could do the same. i think i seen you guys race at MDR im with Wisguy Racing weve talked before. also i would recomend using Bilstien oil it seems to work the best if your going to have kartek rebuild them tell them to use bilstein oil.