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shock hoop/bender questions


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im in the market for a new tubing bender to fabricate a rear bed cage and possible a front shock hoop for a ranger. what size tubing is generally used for bed cages/shock hoops? i found this bender while searching the web: <A target="_blank" HREF=http://www.mittlerbros.com/products/180degreemanualbender.htm>http://www.mittlerbros.com/products/180degreemanualbender.htm</A> however it only bends tube up to 1"o.d. that price is way cheaper than a jd2 but would it even be worth buying it for my application?


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I think you will probably want to use inch and a half or inch and 3/4. I dont know where you live (YOUR PROFILE LACKS ALMOST ALL INFO,FILL IT OUT), but if your near orange county Donahoe racing has a Dezert Tools bender thats really good. It will do anything you need. they have two different models one is $275 and the other is $375 and the dies range but around 250-300 for 1 1/2 -1 3/4.



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1.5" Chromoly or 1.75" mild steel is what you should be using. I think its .120 wall but may be .095 not sure on that one. Those are SCORE rules. Usually a good guidline to follow.


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just to add to kritter - 0.120 wall (SCORE)


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i believe it is .120 wall for mild steel and .095 for chromoly per score rules
you should use 120 wall mild steel with an o.d. of 1.5-1.75
chromoly i sort of a waste of money for cage stuff the only reason it is lighter is because you can run a smaller wall thickness but the price is much higher
look at it like this if you are going to use 1.5 chromoly with a .095 wall thickness just use 1.75 mild steel with a .120 wall thickness and it is just as strong or stronger

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Check out Pro Tools, have had one for many years and have no complaints. Richard