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On Topic shock oils????


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What is a good substitute for the high priced shock oils from the manufacturers? I would like to be replacing the oil in my shocks every race, but we are on a tight budget.


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Ruining your shocks will not help a tight budget....


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I hear ya, but dang, there has to be something. Just because it says "Fox" or "Lucas" doesn't mean it is the end all be all.


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I buy oil in bulk, not "shock oil" mind you, but that is the key to getting a better price for me. If you can find a comparable oil that has the proper qualities and can purchase in a 55 gal barrel or larger, will cost more up front, but save in the long run.


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You service your own shocks? I cant imagine needing oil after ever race in a 10 car. We do our own service work and you can definitely tell good oil from bad.


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ATF is what I tell people for a "trail fix". Depending on the shocks and oil brand, the oil often outlives the seals, so if the fox oil for example is still red when you rebuild then reuse it.

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Besides Lucas (who manufactures in house), I would suspect the other brand names are getting their shock oil private label made to specs.

harleys dad

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Call AAron at ORW Temecula, I would tell you but forgot the make of it, same oil as Fox red with out the color I have run it with no issues and saved a lot I do all my own shocks and have the same oil we started the year with. I threw the bottles away but I think its Torco motorcycle shock oil but check with him


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I run f&l ultra extreme aka Fox red & get 5 gallon buckets from Amber racing services.


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Tellus T-22 is what King uses in most of their shocks. I used T-15 in Harley Shocks for a long time so I am very familiar with their oil. Tellus oils are OK, but there are a lot better choices out there.

Fox JM92 oil is the best, and worth the money:
It has the highest VI rating meaning it won't fade as quickly
It seems to do well with friction (I haven't done a back to back for comparison, but Fox in general does well here)
It has the highest temperature rating
There are some more specific numbers on the Fox vs King article on my site.

I always recommend people use the original manufacturers oil, it has been tested and proven to work with their construction in tough conditions. Nothing is worse than running a cheap oil only to find out it didn't lubricate properly and caused a leaky IFP.

If you really do want to save a few bucks and don't have high performance/durability requirements then ATF is a common choice.


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Nice info
Btw, if your shocks burn the stickers off, should i change oil? Lol