Shock placement / Coilover conversion


I have been in the process of converting my truck (2000 silverado 1500 4wd) to coilovers. After a set back and a long wait to get the right parts sent to me I am finally ready to start. I plan to eventually go long travel but I would like to start with just upgrading the suspension and see what more I need/want. Anyways, After measuring under the truck and taking a look at things I have some clearance issues with the new coilovers. My UCAs will make contact with the coilovers with the smallest amount off down travel. There is also some clearance issues with the the factory bump stop mount. I could take a grinder to the bump stops and I can have a fab shop make me some new UCAs to correct the issue but I would rather save the money and put it towards a long travel kit or other parts. However, if I weld in the new shock towers a little further forward on the frame of the truck the coilovers should be able to clear the UCAs and only need to do minimal if any trimming of the bump stop. I don't know how this will affect the cycle and function of the the suspension and if it is really going to screw up the motion ratio or anything. I am open to any advice and I am hoping to get as many opinions as I can before I start cutting and welding. This is my first build and I am still learning a lot about long travel and suspension. Just hoping to start off on the right foot.


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If you want to just do a coil-over swap I would get lowers made. The stock cast lowers for the 4wd silverados are bound to break since they are made for torsion bars and are not strong where you would need to mount the shocks. If you dont want to go that route, you can run an upper arm that increases your travel a little and a 2.5 6" (or 8" if you can fit it) smooth body shock for better control.