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Hey what do you guys know about racing shoes? I have a special reason I have to get a pair but I would much rather wear my Etnies. Neither me or my dad have ever worn the things, so those of you who have, let me know, because I am 100% going to have to get them.

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I have had a pair of Simpson race boots/ shoes. Very hot. I think they were about $250? I bought them when I was 17 for a dragster race, when my Dad was running a funny car. Gotta break them in too.


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Check out the new NO FEAR driving shoes. I know some people diss the NO FEAR brand... but the new driving shoes kick ass. The Simpson products are nice, it just seems like they are getting to be a little behind the times in design, style, and function.

I think http://nofear.theracedepot.com/ has some info on them.



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yeah go with the etnies maybe you could pick them up as a sponsor

how ironic is it that most people slow down for speed bumps yet almost all of us here im sure pin it


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I agree with Dan. Sparco makes the best looking gear. Check them out. I wear a pair of their pit shoes daily, which are made by Puma.

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Hey I love Sparco as much as the next man. I guess I was just slacking. I wear Etnies daily.. Jimmy buy SPARCO. They are worn by every top WRC driver. Robby Gordon also just got his new Nascar suits and shoes from Sparco. How is that for a role model. www.sparcousa.com They also have bitchin steering wheels, fire suits, and seats.. Hi James. Oh yeah I have the puma/sparco shoes too, very comfortable.