Shop air lines


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Jan 12, 2013
Stephenville, Texas
Make your system in a loop. Better flow, and if someone is using air ahead of you your air volume will not go down
Use .750 copper thick wall. Try to keep the turns to a minimum too.
Install air outlets all over, you will still wind up adding more as time passes
The way my shop is built I can't put the system in a loop without a whole lot of work. I will be replacing the existing PVC with as little interruption to work as possible. I have hose reels mounted on one side of my shop and the hoses will reach out the doors on the other side.

After talking to Rapid Air, I am going to put a 1.5" main line with six 3/4" drops to my reels. My cost will be a little more than $2k. There will still be some PVC that runs across a half wall that divides the main shop from our lube pit. That line supplies air to the pneumatic pumps on our oil tanks. At some point it will get replaced also.