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Shopping for truck Lift


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Just seeing what everyone is running at there shops , I wanna purchase an electrical one (which I think they all are I could be wrong since I don't know much lol ) . I've been looking at the bend pak lifts an seems to be what all these tire shops have but trying to see if I could go with something less so I don't have to fork out 3500 dollars . Wont get much use just a little here an a little there . Thanks for any advice


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The price of poker for a good two post lift starts at about $3k plus installation. Challenger and Rotary are a bit cheaper than a Bend Pac but not as robust. You can go down market a bit more and get something like an Atlas for under $2k but depending on the model it's not going to be near as robust as the others. Many of the cheap lifts are the same lift just rebadged.

You'll need to figure out what lift height you want, is your ceiling tall enough and most importantly is your slab thick enough. Hit the Bend Pak site for a ton of info and comparisons. One of the cheap guys might suit you fine but know what you are getting.