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Is there any time that the course is open for practice and testing?
I would like to run the truck through a full day of testing on the course that it is going to run on.
A nice relaxed day of testing without 10 other vehicles on the short course would be ideal...
Let me know......

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Yeah, its a state park and the track is open 5 or 6 days a week. The hard part is getting to when it's not all tore up like now after a rain. It's basically clay so when its wet its slippery amd after a good rain it develops harsh cross graining that take a bunch of laps to wear down into a groove. When Patty and Billy went a couple of weeks ago it was fairly hacked up and had some good sized standing puddles to deal with. After the second S/C race it will pretty much hold its shape/lines until fall. Curt

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Prairie City OHV Park is on-line to check out, also. The schedule last year was they were open 8 am - 7 pm (closed Wed. & Thur.). The phone number is (916) 985-7378 and they have been very helpful and positive to the racers. That was the spring and summer schedule though. The nice thing is that it only cost $4.00 to go in and you can be there all day. No one else really runs on the track during the week. My co-driver and I went out testing last season on a few Mondays and there was no one else at the track. We had the best time on a Monday after a race weekend. The track is still in good shape and not tore up too much. Here is the main link to the California OHV parks. Go to it, then click on "Recreation areas", then click on "Prairie City".

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