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SHR changing to Ford in 2017

Chris Tobin

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I was shocked to read that Stewart Haas Racing will be changing to Ford in 2017. Maybe this is why Tony is retiring after 2016...

What do you think? Will moving from Hendrick chassis', engines and support to ??? chassis and Rousch/Fenway engines and ??? support?

I think the team will slide further into mediocrity now... I am guessing that this will hurt their 2016 season as well as why would Chevy and Hendrick want to provide anything more than contractually obligated to a team that will be leaving for another manufacturer at the end of the season.


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I was shocked myself, but Ford got their big fat checkbook out and made it happen. It would have to have been in the works for a long time too. I know Stewart is a long time Chevy guy, but money talks. It's not just his decision anyway as Hass has a say in it. They announced engines from Roush Yates Engines and chassis will probably be from Penske.

Chris Tobin

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Very unexpected. The only bigger Chevy leg humper than Tony is Tobin himself.
Keepin' it classy huh?!?!?! jajaja

Seriously though. If it were any team switching manufacturers/partners and support like SHR has with HMS/Chevy do you think they would be successful? I think it could eventually be successful for them, but not out of the box at all.

Face it in NASCAR the only Fords that have done good in recent years are the Penske Ford's and they do not seem willing to share their secrets with the other Ford teams like RFR or RPM. If they are sharing and the other teams are still running the way they have run over the past few years, that means Brad K. and Joey really are tremendous/step above driving talents since they are doing sooo much better than the rest of the Ford teams!!!

And SHR plans on building their own chassis next year from what I understand. That is a huge undertaking, to change manufacturers and build new chassis. And this year they will only have whatever support from Chevy and HMS is minimally required to satisfy the contract. Do you think if Jimmie and Chad find something new that works better for the 1.5 mile tracks, they will share with SHR as they did in the past? Nope, they will keep it to themselves since SHR is going to the competition next year...
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