Sierra Club recruiting

Gabe Lara

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Looks like the Sierra Club is on the recruitment hunt......So look out.

I got home last night to a young college student soliciting Sierra Club memberships door to door.

During a brief conversation of the "re-wilding" of America, and how different types of conservation efforts are affecting many family owned farms and livelihoods across the country, I clearly made the point that our generation is more informed than before, and has taken responsibility for itself by "policing our own", and that the off-road community has always been cast as irresponsible, and the cause for much of the problems in our public lands (which is not true)....lands that we as taxpayers are entitled to, and that we enjoy RESPONSIBLY....lands that veterans, such as myself, have dutifully served in our armed services to protect, and keep free......

She didn't have too much to say when I was done, and basically came to the conclusion that I wasn't interested. I bid her good evening, and went on my bike ride.

Its a shame they're recruiting these young kids, home from college, to solicit door to door, when they really are not well informed on what their organization supports, and is all about.


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Hope they have the nerve to walk by two trucks to come to my door. ;-) And I took off my "Sierra Club, Kiss My Axle" Sticker...I must get a new one.


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people are afraid to come to my house..once they see the rolled toyota that i drive..hehe


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They have an entire section of their org that is for teens and college students. They go to DC and lobby our congressional leaders to "their" POV which is simply regurgitated crap that is fed to them! At least you set them straight!

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