Sierra Club & Terrorism...A Good One !!


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The Hidden Enemy
Who Are The Legal Terrorists?
by Rick Sieman


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Like everyone else, I was stunned by the terrorist attack of September 11. As I read the emails and wondered just how America would respond, an email was forwarded to me. As I read it, my blood began to boil and I realized that my fists were clenched so tight the nails were digging into my palms.

Before I go any further, let me share that email with you, and then I'll tell you why this sent me off my own personal Richter Scale. Here it is, unedited:

To: Sierra Club staff
From: Allen Mattison
Date: Sept. 12, 2001
Re: Club message change in response to national crisis

In response to the attacks on America, we are shifting our communications strategy for the immediate future. We have taken all of our ads off the air; halted our phone banks; removed any material from the web that people could perceive as anti-Bush, and are taking other steps to prevent the Sierra Club from being perceived as controversial during this crisis.

We will re-evaluate as the national climate shifts.

For now, we are going to stop aggressively pushing our agenda and will cease bashing President Bush. We strongly need to avoid any perceptions that we are being disrespectful to President Bush. Now is a time for rallying together as a nation; the public will judge very harshly any groups whom they view as violating this need for unity.

If you are asked about what this terrorism does to the Sierra Club's agenda, please respond simply by saying that right now the public needs to focus on comforting each other and strengthening our national security to deal with the crisis at hand.

When debate on other issues resumes, we will rejoin those debates.

At first glance, this just seems like a harmless memo meant to defuse any possible bad public relations reactions against the Sierra Club.

But this jolted my memory back to the meetings held in the early 90s regarding the proposed Desert Closure legislation. During one of the huge meetings held in Palm Springs (California), I snuck in the side door of the Sierra Club to eavesdrop and also take advantage of the nice little buffet they had set up for their workers.

While I was munching away on a tray of veggies, one of the Sierra Club people ran into the room all excited and waving a fax. To the best of my recollection, the conversation went like this:

"Look at this! They just had an oil spill in the Long Beach harbor!" Everybody gathered around and excitedly looked at the paper. "This is great!" said one Sierra Clubber. "We can use this to stop that off-shore oil drilling dead in its tracks." Another one chimed in: "Let's bring it up at the conference this afternoon. After all, those off-road vehicles use lots of gasoline, and we can blame the oil spill on them, indirectly, of course."

I was so shocked by their obvious glee, that food actually fell out of my mouth! What kind of hypocrites were these people? Here we had an unfortunate incident happen in the form of an oil spill, and these so-called protectors of the environment were utterly delighted with it. Hell, no one likes an oil spill … except when you can use it as propaganda.

Yes, this flashback to the Palm Springs meeting set my mind in motion, and I came up with some points I'd like to share with you:

1. Ask yourself who were the bulk of the protestors who have been arrested for extreme vandalism during the various World Trade Conferences? Almost without exception, they've been eco-freaks!

2. Who has refused to let the United States drill for oil in our own country, and instead, forced us to rely on oil imported from the US-hating Middle East? You got it. In fact, the Sierra Club has spear-headed this effort over the last decades.

3. Consider the fact that environmentalists have completely and utterly refused to allow the US to use cheap and safe nuclear power plants reduce our dependence on foreign oil. France gets over 90 percent of its power from nuclear with no problems whatsoever.

4. Right now, the nation is going through an economic slump, one that affects almost everyone. One that - without some common sense - could push the country into an actual depression.

Yet what do I see in the newspapers? Let me share this with you: Right now, today, as I write this, the EPA is being forced by a Sierra Club lawsuit to start some new horribly restrictive regulations that - if enacted - will cripple the economy!
Consider this:
The EPA will force all two-stroke engines and diesel engines to reduce carbon dioxide emissions by as much as 56 percent, and hydrocarbon/nitrous oxide pollution up to 80 percent!

· The rules would apply to:











Don't believe it? Here's a quote from and EPA spokeswoman: "The new restrictions were ordered in response to a lawsuit filed by the Sierra Club and other environmental groups during the Clinton administration."

While you do, indeed, see the Sierra Club backing off any sort of a media attack on President Bush, you don't see them dropping their horribly destructive lawsuits, do you?

No, instead, they sit quietly, silently in the background, continuing to erode the economic strength of the US.

What do you think these regulations will do to business? Costs will sky-rocket, sales will fall, jobs will be lost, belts will be tightened even more.

Does the Sierra Club mention any of this in their "temporary truce" in the war against Bush? Not a chance!

When asked about this by an inquisitive member of the press, another official spokesperson shrugged his shoulders and replied: "The Sierra Club has no official comment on the EPA action, because it is temporarily withholding comment on Bush administration environmental policies in the aftermath of the September 11 terrorist attack."

Absolutely astounding! The Sierra Club - in actual fact - is using the September 11 attack to hide behind, in the guise of trying to help in a time of public unrest.

Have you watched any of the television showing the people who are protesting any military retaliation by the US? The very same groups who set fires in Seattle, spiked trees in logging country and vandalized buildings at World Trade meetings are the ones who are blocking the streets and smashing windows.

And make no doubt about it, these people are the heart and soul of the radical environmental movement.

The suits - the leaders in the front offices - the ones who distribute all those nice press releases from the Sierra Club headquarters, know that these misfits are the spark plugs of their movement.

They deny any attachment to them.

And support them in the dark.

They decry violence.

And urge the malcontents to turn the streets into chaos.

They claim to back the country when it's desperately needed.

And, at the same time, kick the country in the groin.

These, then, are the hidden terrorists. They don't have their heads wrapped in rags, or sport scraggly long beards, or jostle rifles in the air while chanting death to the US, but they are terrorists nonetheless.

It's long past the time we quit ignoring this quiet, legal, sneaky, skulking enemy, hiding under the cloak of environmentalism.

Do what you can do to pass the word and inform others. Educate those who simply don't know. Email this to others and ask them to do the same.

Just this once, let's reveal the real hidden enemy.

CORVA Field Rep - So. Cal.


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Finally, these spine-less ba$tards hang themselves with their own (hemp?) rope. I believe the problem is even bigger than the Sierra Club and CDB. They are just few feathers of the left wing that will not be happy until we're all speaking Poshtoon or dead from anthrax.

Anyone out there listen to Michael Savage? We just got him here in Phx. The man speaks the truth. He is far more eloquent and educated than I, and is a voice of the people. He will defend a liberals right to have an opinion, but can give 10 reasons why that opinion is bunk. See his website is at <A target="_blank" HREF=></A>
Thanks Randy for bringing this to us.