Silicone CV joint boots (snake oil)?

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Nov 7, 2021
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Okay, what's your input on these. I have a Toyota, and these damned boots go almost every 2 years.
I'm getting SICK & tired, of replacing these. As even Toyota replacements are now made in China crap.
OEM ones lasted 13 years.

Do Silicone versions last longer?

Are they worth the hassle if Installing..I've never replaced boots or taken apart a CV joint axle so I have no idea if it's easier or just another pain in the ass that I should just avoid.

Sorry if I'm not coming across not thrilled about this I am weighed down with three cars and several motorcycles I'm working on I am so absolutely utterly sick of working on things 😟
I like working on stuff but everything I have now is a necessity which takes all the fun out of it.

Any recommendations on boots? Vendors / services or tips on and replacing.
This Toyota has 4 boots up front, and 4 in the back..back are still solid crack free OEM at 22 years oldI see they have some universals on eBay not sure if they would work or not?

These are what I'm working with. & Then the E-Bay Universals? or am I just better off getting....the usual (replacements)?

Thanks for any advice or leads.


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