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Silk Way Rally '17 - STAGE 10 - Hami – Dunhuang

Leg distance: 517,53 km
Special distance: 360,28 km

Screen Shot 2017-07-17 at 1.19.50 PM.png

Leg 10. The 492 chapels of Mogao
The start of the special is very fast, then the track becomes more technical with many changes of direction. There are some very nice fast sections in a big wadi with magnificent landscapes. Throughout the last part of the stage, the track is more or less visible alongside a chott, easy to loose if headings are not strictly followed.


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Bryce complaining about drivers not listening to Sentinel and getting stuck behind a Yota for 80km and believes he could have won the stage if not for that....

J Prich

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Sorry Im not very good at deciphering and the leg work here, but has Bryce closed the 50 something second gap to 2nd overall based on this stage or no?

J Prich

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Sweet, thanks! Would be nice to see he and Pete get up in to P2 before it's all said and done.