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Silk Way Rally '17 - STAGE 8 - Karamay – Urumqi

E. Araiza

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Leg distance: 436,34 km
Special distance: 250,37 km

Screen Shot 2017-07-14 at 4.52.56 PM.png

Leg 8. Following the Uyghurs of Xinjiang
Difficult geographic area due to crops and population in the south with the mountain, and up north numerous areas with many drillings. The start of the special is the same as last year up to CP1, then it gets fast and sandy in vegetation. Then the track still sandy becomes more technical with many turns uphill and downhill. Pilots will have to use all their driving skills on the main part of the special. Towards the end navigation will be predominant with many changes of tracks.


Dirty Harry

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Not sure how much time they lost to the leaders, but Bryce and Pete got third today. Quite respectable given that it is the first time they have ever had to open a stage.

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Not sure how much time they lost to the leaders, but Bryce and Pete got third today. Quite respectable given that it is the first time they have ever had to open a stage.
They were +00:13:57 back at the finish. Good to see them doing well and on the box again!


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De Rooy is having a horrible rally. He got another 100 hour penalty today after breaking his truck again and leaving the stage.

His stage recap (roughly translated):

After 14 miles, the eighth stage of the silk way rally was for Gerard de rooy. A broken stuurkogel (tie rod end) meant that he had to drive his iveco powerstar across the road to urumqi, and thus had another 100 hours of prison time. For tons of genugten, it meant an hour to repair before he could prosecute the 250-mile test with the iveco trakker.
A broken stuurkogel is just dumb luck, Gerard de rooy out in urumqi. " it has nothing to do with the new parts, doesn't have to wear wear, it can just be the clap. It's not a thing to break up every night to check."
If one of those stuurkogel is broken, then everything that has to do with the steering is destroyed. " the wheels turn out and break everything out. We didn't have it on our own, so we waited for boucou. Together with the équipe of tons, we fixed the place provisionally, and then we tried to drive through the road to urumqi."
The Rooy was given the maximum time for the special-7 hours, and another 100 hours of penalty, but he did not care. " I'm here to test and see what's broken and what's better. I don't want to stop for five minutes on the way to finish something else. If I was really driving for the game, I couldn't, but now I do. So I don't care so much."
Ton of genugten had a bit of a feeling he lost minutes to an hour, and he finished tenth. " it was a pretty good test. Finally a few duintjes and lots of sand! And it was soft, too. After we stood with Gerard, we took a good drive, but an hour never makes you feel good. That is a pity, but I have learned more in the past week than in the past three years. That's worth a lot to me, too.
Sunday is the rest day of the silk way rally in urumqi.

E. Araiza

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On the eve of the rest day, the 8th stage to Urümqi, the capital of the autonomous region of Xinjiang, saw wins by Sébastien Loeb (Peugeot 3008DKR Maxi n°104) in the car class and from Dmitry Sotnikov (Kamaz-Master) in the trucks. With 6 stages left to run, before the finish in Xi’An, the two leaders of the 2017 Silk Way Rally continue to strengthen their positions.

Key points

*Cars: Loeb, the lion roars

*Trucks: Sotnikov from beginning to end

*Tomorrow: Rest day in Urümqi

Cars: Loeb, the lion roars

One day is starting to look very much like another for Sébastien Loeb and Daniel Elena (Peugeot 3008DKR Maxi n°102) who took advantage of this 8th stage to win their 4th special and reinforce their overall lead going into the rest day. If they don’t actually start first on the road it doesn’t usually take long for them to get to the front of the pack… Passing Despres and then Menzies today, on reaching the finish line, ‘Mr 50%’ beat his team mate by 5m06s and the American by a whole 13m57s. Stuck in the traffic and dust, over this often bumpy track, Peterhansel, who started 15th on the road this morning, finished in 4th giving away just under 15 minutes. The Saudian driver Yazeed Al Rajhi (MINI John Cooper Works n°102), rounds out the day’s top 5 at 16m49s. With a lead of 1h08m41s overall over Despres and 1h48m32s over Menzies, Loeb and Elena can look forward to next week’s racing in the Chinese dunes with plenty of confidence. Despres is also in a reasonably comfortable position, but behind him the fight for the third place is going to be a close one, with Menzies, Han Wei (Geeley SMG Buggy n°107) and Lavieille (Baïcmotor n°108) separated by less than10 minutes.

Trucks: Sotnikov from beginning to end

Dmitry Sotnikov (Kamaz-Master n°303) also showed total mastery of his subject. Starting first, the overall leader of the truck class was momentarily threatened by his team mates Nikolaev and Mardeev. Until that is, they got to the soft dunes. Sotnikov made it through unhindered to take his third win, while his fellow Kamaz drivers had a less clear run. Untouchable from beginning to the end in his new truck, the Russian finished 01m52 ahead of Mardeev and 04m59 in front of the Czech Kolomy.


Tomorrow: “Rest day in Urümqi”

No special this Sunday, with the entire 2017 Silk Way Rally enjoying a well-earned rest in Urümqi, the capital of the autonomous region of Xinjiang. A late morning for the drivers but lots of work for the mechanics to get their vehicles ready for the last 6 stages of this 2017 Silk Way Rally.

Sébastien Loeb

“We caught up Cyril quite quickly so we found ourselves first on the road again. It was an interesting mixed stage with some very rough terrain as well as sand, but it was good that we managed to judge the right speed in these tricky conditions to win the stage because that’s not obvious. The car was perfectly reliable too, and it’s in conditions like this that the Peugeot DKR Maxi shows it’s a good evolution as it feels more stable to drive, which was always the aim.”

Cyril Despres

“Today was the same stage as we drove last year but since then an entire rally has been through it so the roads were really broken up, which meant that we were bounced around all over the place for most of the stage. Seb caught us up at around kilometre 50 but then we managed to stick with his pace, around a minute and a half behind him for most of the stage, although we suffered a bit with the dust. Seb’s a great driver and the Peugeot DKR Maxi seems like a better car! The stage was quite quick today and the art to it is keeping up the speed without falling into all the traps that can catch you out so easily if you’re not super careful. All in all, I’m satisfied; anything can happen next week so we will continue to do our best.”

Bryce Menzies

“Opening the stage I was pretty nervous but it went pretty good. There were fast tracks at the beginning and then we got into sandy off-piste. A lot of bumps, probably the roughest stage I’ve ever done. I thought they would have caught us a lot quicker but they didn’t come up to us until 100 kilometres in and then we followed Cyril and Loeb from there. We pushed as hard as we could and came away with a third so I feel really good about it. Tomorrow is rest day and the body needs it!”

Short Bus

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thus had another 100 hours of prison time.
A broken stuurkogel is just dumb luck, Gerard de rooy out in urumqi. it can just be the clap.

Nothing worse than spending 100 hours in prison with the clap after breaking your stuurkogel. I hate it when that happens.