Silk Way Rally - 7 to 22 July 2017

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I know 2016 isn't finished yet, but good to know what's in store for the new year!

2017 Silk Way Rally: direction XI’AN!

From Moscow’s Red Square to Xi’an’s Imperial City, with a rest day in Urumqi, the 2017 Silk Way Rally opens a new chapter in the history of cross-country competition, proposing a long west to east journey and a sporting and mechanical challenge defying the elements like no other.

Moscow - Xi’an from July 7-22, 2017.

Last summer it was mission accomplished! At the end of 15 stages and 10,735 kilometers, the Silk Way Rally caravan joyfully arrived in Beijing.

The 2016 Silk Way Rally, which was broadcast in 197 countries, welcomed its heroes in front of the stunning Bird’s Nest Stadium. In braving the elements and difficulties of a unique and demanding race, comprising everything a major cross-country rally has to offer, the crews from around the world savoured an unforgettable adventure.

Whether they were factory or privateer teams, professional or amateur competitors, all came to compete in an exceptional rally, in which driving and navigating skills were put to the test, on a journey crossing three of the world’s largest countries and their just as awe-inspiring as varied landscapes, Russia, Kazakhstan and China.

Three months later, attention now turns toward the next edition. Having learned the lessons from a first ‘long format’, Silk Way Rally organisers have chosen Xi’an to host the conclusion of the 2017 edition.

The name of the Imperial City, known for its army of terracotta warriors, is the ideal site to serve as the finish line on Saturday July 22, 2017. Among the most important cradles of Chinese civilization, of which it was once the capital, Xi’an is now a growing city. With is more than 8 million residents, the capital of the Shaanxi region gazes over its multitude of monuments with no less than 3,000 years of history.


•10th January 2017 Opening of registration – Start of reduced fee
•3rd April 2017 Start of standard fee
•1st June 2017 Closure of registration
•5th, 6th and 7th July 2017 Administrative checks and scrutineering in Moscow
•7th July 2017 Start podium on the Red Square in Moscow
•8th to 22nd 2017 14 legs 1 rest day
•16th July Rest day in Urumqi
•22nd July 2017 Prize Giving in Xi’an


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Just my 2 cents of SWR:

1) support vehicles had to return to the border in a convoy which took forever and everyone was forced to leave thorugh the same customs they used to enter - which made no sense for some teams from Russia as they are near the border in Siberia etc and could be home in a few days if they were allowed to use different customs posts. This was unless you would use organizers shipping to Europe via boat.

2) organization in China was sometimes awful and people werent afraid to voice that. Sometimes they would have great amenities and sometimes wouldnt even have decent portacabins. For the entry fees you pay I must say you should get 5 star treatment all the time.

3) French team running a Predator was literally robbed. Their support van came to France after nearly 2 months with most equipment and spares missing and this caused them a great deal of financial issues. Nobody took responsibility I believe. The guys believe this was done at port of loading in China before the trip to Europe.


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So, still a lot to work out by the organization!
From a sporting point of view, it seems to have a lot of potential