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Silverado mid travel


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Im a long time reader but first time poster
I have a 08 Silverado short bed(5'8") extended cab 5.3 4x4 I'm getting ready to start a mid travel build on
I just got some rims to allow for the Camburg 1.25 unibal uca's and I"m looking into FOA Coilovers and shocks.
I want to run 2.5 resi coils with compression adjusters in the front and either bypass or resi in the back.
I may add deaver mini pack later but I tow so I dont know yet, opinons?(would it be bad to run like a 100lb coilover to allow a little support or would that defeat the purpose of the deaver?)
I have been searching alot for a long time and have been unable to find much info on the Silverado stock specs. I found the rear shocks are ~15-25 length 9.5 travel but would I need longer if I got the deaver mini pack?
The front I have cant seem to find lengths/travel on or info about the lower mount bar??
The only thing I know is I want aprox 700 lb main spring and 500 tender. Sound good?
I want to get the max travel I can on stock lca without bind cvs.
As far as upper mounts I didnt find any so I guess I'll just fab some up unless anyone knows of any?
And lastly from what I have researched I am looking at medium valving for compression and rebound


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Ok so the stock struts are 12.95" compressed 18.48" extended 5.53" travel
FOA 8" is compressed 14.3″ extended 22.3″,
I read somewhere that stock has about 7.5" travel? if so thats a 1.35 ratio making the FOA 8" 10.85" travel which is perfect
Does medium valving on compression and rebound with a 500lb 6" tender and 700lb 10" main sound right?
3.FOA makes an upper coil adaptor, does anobody know of a t bar for the bottom? stock bar is 1" the FOA say they mount on 1/2" bolts. I heard GMR made them, are they still in business? If not I guess Ill fab some mounts

In the rear I want to do a deaver mini pack (j1)with 2.5 bypass's if I can fit them or just 2.5 adjustable resi if I can't. Deaver doesn't know the travel on these tho, anybody run these? Any guesses on travel? I think about the longest I can cram under the bed is a 12" shock if I move the mounts.


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Im not sure there is enough room to run a dual rate on a stock length shock. They take a special upper mounting ring and bar pin on the bottom. I'm not familiar with FOA's shocks but I know fox has a stock replacement shock in both 2.5" and a performance series 2.0 for that model shock.