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Silverado Suspension Questions


Hey there I'm really new to all of this. Main question, what would I need in order to get more wheel travel? Should I get Bump Stops and Limit Straps? If so how and where would they get installed? Side question, I'm currently running 35's and they rub a decent amount and my buddy is taking off his 3" body lift tomorrow and said I could have it if i wanted it, so would I benefit at all from having the body lift or is there a better way to lift it suspension wise, I know I can Add A Leaf In the rear just unsure in the front.

Slippery P

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You will need to scrap the entire current front suspension to gain wheel travel. Just say NO to body lifts.
Stock suspension doesn't allow for any more travel. You need a mid-or long-travel kit installed to gain travel.

You'll also gain some height and width.