Single Seat Chenowth 1600 Project

Captain Racer

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I had been searching for a car for a while, months to be exact. I checked the classifieds everyday to see what new cars were be posted and the ones that were posted were either out of my price range or not the class that I was looking for. One day I was goofing around on the internet and typed in single seat buggy and up popped the folowing ad:

Single Seat Chenowth 1600 $2900.00

Older veteran-proven finisher-fun, fast, reliable
Great prerunner, sportsman, trainer
+Engine & transmission by Kroyer
+Fox shocks: 4 reservoir, 2 reg
+Wright rack & pinion
+Wright combo spindles
+Warren stub axles
+Porche CVs, shifter
+Neal pedals, brakes

This car has been sitting in storage for years. Two extra trannys, extra motor in part, many extra parts and gear.

Everything= $2900.00

As I read the ad I thought that this had to be a mis-print. So I called my wife (I was at work at the time) and told her to call the number and see if the ad was correct and if the car was still available. She called me back and said that it was correct, it was still available, and that the gentlemen wanted me to call him when I got home.

I should've played the lottery that day (it was on Friday) because my luck and timing on things like this never seem to happen. So off I went to purchase my first offroad car. This was in July and the attached pictures are what it looked liked when the previous owner raced it and pictures of what it looked like when I got it. When I got her home, I put a battery in her, pumed the gas twice and she fired right up. My 3 year old an I took her for a cruise around the neighborhood and then we started to tear her down. At that time I had a single car garage that was filled to max capacity, so I could only work on little sections at a time. I recently moved and now have a 2 car garage and have mad a lot progress.

I have totally stripped her down to the frame and began removing the paint so I can give it a good look over. Once I'm done with that, hopefully tomorrow (Christmas Eve), I'll know exactly what I'll need to do to her before I start putting her back together.


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gary zimmerman

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Hellow im currently the owner of this buggy ,i bought this bugggy without many of the parts and was woundering if you had any of them thankyou.