Single Seat Fuel Cell--need Info!!!

C. Bucher

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I've got an older Fuel Safe fuel cell from my older single seat car. It's a split tunnel cell with a diagonal tunnel so that the shifter can come from around the side of the seat and backtowards the center of the car to the transmission.

I'm looking to buy a brand new fuel cell for the new car I'm having built. I'm not too interested in going custom as I'm short, seriously, short on time and need to get the cell I'm looking for now.

What are the rest of you single seat guys using? Does Fuel Safe still make a split tunnel cell with a diagonal tunnel? Kartek says no.

Any help would be appreciated.


C. Bucher

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Are you looking for something along the lines of this?

If so, Fuel Safe makes a 25 and 28 gallong version.

Part # OB125BE - 25 gal.
Part # OB128BE - 28 gal.

Fuel Safe Off-Road Catalog

- Ryan

Yes and no. The one that is pictured, like you said, is the OB12BE, but the tunnel needs to be diagonal. My shift rod wont come down the middle of the car like a normal two seater. It comes around the side of my seat and comes back towards the trans at an angle.

Let me know if you know something otherwise.

C. Bucher

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any shifting problems
Nope, never had any issues. I parroted the Lothringer set up; two-piece shift linkage with two sweet-joints (one in the middle of the two piece shaft and one that has 3/4" opening on one end and trans-mount on the other. Mounted a sloppy fitting heim joint right near the middle u-joint for stability and height. Very common set-up. Should be some pics floating around on this site of the set-up.

shock pros

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Fuelsafe OB125 and simlar cells are part of their production cells, all with a straight tunnel. If you need a diagoinal tunnel you will definitely need to go custom and at that point expect to spend mucho $$$.
Have you tried looking into making a linkage with a couple u-joints that will fit throught a straight tunnel? It might be cheaper to make that work rather than a custom fuel cell.
The other option is a reverse shifter linkage that flips the linkage around and approaches the transmission from the back. It goes along the side of the car and then makes a u-turn so to speak. Look into that too.
We offer a tunnel cell similar to the one fuel safe offers but the tunnel is wider (10" wide) and offset 2" towards the passenger side from center.

It was originally intended for two-seaters but some of our customers have made it work in a single, and its a bit cheaper than having a custom one made.