Single Seat vs 2 seat


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I saw the post about BJ's crash and was wondering if you think single seat drivers are better? They can't read the GPS and don't have anybody giving them a heads up. What do you think?


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1 seat
+No extra weight
+One less seat to buy so you save money :rolleyes:
- cant show friends whats it like to go fast
+only put yourself in danger
- your own pit support ( flats ectra)

2 seats
+You have someone to scare the hell out of ;) :D
+give rides to friends while practicing ( and scare the hell out of em)
+built in pit support
+someone to prove you did something cool
-witness if you screw up
-really sucks to hurt or maybe kill a friend.

I have seen a grown man throw up from fear, and a woman swear she would never get in another race car after hardly going fast.