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siren recommendations needed


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Siren module can be found on galls.com. Get a super heavy steel speaker. Super loud and durable


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I just bought a brand named (Whelen?) 100watt siren speaker on ebay for $30 - found a local siren unit (Federal) from a cop car on craigslist for $80 with new harness and mounting brackets. Installed it with a remote button on the dash and its LOUD...


Whelen WPA112 is my preferred unit, with a sirennet.com compact speaker. The wpa112 works off of a button or switch, no need for an actual head unit.


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no reply from that one. Electronics guys seem to not really want to sell from RDC classifieds for some reason. New Whelen wssc30 ordered ,will mount to nice strong bumper to knock class 10s and 6100s out of the way !!


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Whelen is great. Being a fire guy I prefer to change up the sound from a Yelp to a Wail and back to a Yelp. You move most traffic that way.