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skid plates???


What thickness are most people using for skid plates? I was thinking of using 3/16" or 1/8" 5052 aluminum for mine, any suggestions. I will be using the truck mostly for prerunning and chasing.


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Well I just had one of 1/8" and it bent up pretty good heh. Now I am going to 1/4" Alumn.

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We use 3/8" 6160 on the race truck. It's real hard to bend, it took 6 compressions in the brake to get it to hold but the stuff is real tuff, we've pounded it into the ground and it hasn't bent.


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Definatly go with 6061, its easy to get and waaay tougher than 5052. you can weld it also, but it's not nearly as easy to work with as 5052 or 3000 stuff.



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Kind of off topic - but - is there any draw backs in running a skid plate under the whole cab of the truck like the stadium trucks? The only thing I can think of would be that the skid plate would get very hot from the exhaust header/pipe being real close. Anything else?

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I believe the skid plate on our class 8 is 3/8 inch aluminum.

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If you think you might use it a lot I'd recommend steel. Not just any steel, but something like AR, T-1, Core-10, or Ten-X. All of these are high strength, low alloy steels. Tough alloys with carbon contents in the same range as 'mild' steel so it welds like mild. AR and T-1 are commonly used for the sides of gravel conveyor belts in quarries. You could likely go down to 10 gauge (~.135") then. I'll leave the relative weight calcs up to you.
In aluminum I would not consider any alloy lower than a 6000 series, unless it's 2024.


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