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The new Penhall class 1 car in the Skunkz section, picture 14.jpg, of the cockpit shows some sort of large dial switch next to the driver's seat. Anyone know what that is? Is it a back-up coil selector?


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I have one of those on my 10 car - Battery selector/Batt on off switch.

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A coil selector would most likely just be a simple single pole double throw switch that is wired to a coil selector. No need for big amperage carrying wires or selector switches. Using a an automatic coil selector means you don't have to get out of the vehicle to swap coil wires - you still need the switch but you don't have to manually swap coil wires. You can save a ton of time by wiring in a switch... it's a whole heck of a lot easier to flip a switch than it is to get out of the vehicle and do it.... pull off the course, undo the belts, pumper, radio, climb out, switch wires, climb back in, hook everything back up, redo the belts, and drive off.

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Jeff ... but what about the high-tension lead to the distributor???? That would not be (easily) switch-able ...
But any way to make it easier is better, so long as it is reliable. Changing the low-power leads on the coil(s) can be a bitch -- since EVERYONE mounts them with the terminals "down", right?


Reason? Wellll -- according to Jeff Hibbard (buy his book) the coils are cooled and insulated with oil. Often/sometimes/maybe the coils are not "full" -- therefore the internal/external lead connections would be open if the coils are mounted with the terminals "up". He says that that MIGHT make the coils burn or vibrate to destruction.

Run a visual survey at the next Contingency. I shall ...



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Just a quick word on the High Tension Lead:
Checkout MSD P/N: 8210. It will automatically switch to the hot system.
(This assumes you're using 2 MSD boxes and coils.)

This and a SPDT sw. (MSD P/N:8807) will allow for 2 completely separate ignition systems sharing only the distributor and the plugs.

And don't ask why a guy like me would be hip to MSD!

Cheers, Tim

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MSD picture of that coil selector Tim is talking about.

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Tim is right. We use a duel MSD system on our 1600 car and it works great.
With the flip of one switch you can change ign systems.

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