Skydiving in September


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Anyone want to go? We're going down to the Jim Wallace Skydiving School sometime in September to do another dive. The more the merrier.

Here is a link to the school:

Here is a link to my daughters video from last weekend: [ame=""][/ame]

And, this time, I'm going to jump too. I can't wait. The date is not set in stone yet. If you want to go let me know and we'll plan an RDC jump day.

Oh, how do I get stickers? I'll need one for my video. I plan on winning the video contest next month. :D


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i really want to do it, but dont have the money or time at this moment. been trying to figure it out for the last year or so.

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My jump story.......
I was at a party, I think it was the late 70's maybe early 80's (it's all a bit fuzzy) but we're at Jim's (Wallace) house. Jim had a 8mm film of him and a butt load of jumping buddies forming a 30+ man star in the living room. Me and 3 buddies are huddled around the keg outside a window watching the film. Buddy #1 says "awe crap, I can do that" (jump out of a plane) then buddy #2 says "Yea, if you do it, I'll do it" then buddy #3 said "if you guys do it, I'll do it" and I said after topping off my beer "well, sheet, if you guys do it, I'll have to do it" So, the next day, off we go, hung over and heading for Paris (and I'm not talking Paris, Ensenada) We spent I think a total of 15 minutes of jump training before we found ourselfs on a Cessna 210 and airbourne! Before we knew it, our jumpmaster looks at Terry (the biggest of the four of us) and said "Ready" and the next thing we knew, Terry was gone!! So we all (Pete, Rick and I) looked out the jump door to make sure Terry's shoot opened (it was back before you jumped via static line) next thing we know is the pilot yelling at us cuz the plane is listing too the right in such a matter that we almost fell out the door while gawking at Terry:eek: Anyway, we all had a good landing except Rick, who broke his ankle on his PLF!! Gets me thinking I need to jump again:D