Slash Motor Issues


I was driving mine today and all of the sudden the motor quit on me. When i pull the trigger the electric motor just makes a sizzles. Anyone have any ideas?
Did you check the Spur gear? ( large plastic gear ) they strip out all the time on the Slash


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The brushes melt out of the stock motor = smoke, and no go. What battery are you using?

You guys must not set the spear gear with the appropriate lash, because My 3 cell brushless 65 mph basher has eaten one spur gear since I bought it. I fried a clutch before I fried that spur gear.


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MX...IF it is the motor and not a stripped spur gear, then upgrade to a brushless setup for sure. I went with a Novak Havoc Sport ESC/Motor ($140), and went to 5000 LiPo batteries as well. Kind of costly to do it all at once, but you will not be disappointed with the improved performance.


I went brushless first before I went lipo, wish I had done it the other way around but I guess in your case you'll have to go brushless first or get another stock motor

Brushless + Lipo is definetely the way to go, can't wait to get my Slash back on dirt and see my tires rip of the rims wheels :D


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I just picked up the Novak 8.5 brushless setup and fan for $148. The Velineon VXL was $180 at my local hobby shop. I have had Novak brushless products in my other trucks and loved them.
The 8.5 setup is plenty fast for the Slash.


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The same thing happened to my stock motor, would just lock up for no apparent reason. went out and bought the Velineon VXL set up, problem solved and fast as hell. The only thing you might want to check is that the gear on the motor is not to hard up against the spur gear. Somtimes those spur gears are out of round, and if your spacing is not correct, it will cause problems.