SLR Honda/7x Baja 1000 Recap


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It was a great run for the team, we were waiting for the bike around rm650 or so, you can see the bike at 2:00min still doesn't have the lights on it yet, we did both wheels, hung the big lights on, changed the air filter and even changed the rear brake pads, all under 3 minutes, even with a little hiccup on the front. (I swear we will do better Jbones!)
You can see the big lights are on at around 2:20, I am always amazed at the skill the guys have at speed, as a long time pit captains for JCR/Ox/WFOx/SLR we work on them, but don't get to see the bike actually racing for very long if at all, so the helo shots are cool, and seeing them also serves to remind us to be 100% on point when working on the bike, there is zero room for error. 1X!