Smoothies & Hydraulic Bumpstops vs. Bypass


To keep things short and simple. I have a 93 ranger with extended beams, 2.5x16 King C/O's, and 2.5x4 bumps in the front. Out back it has deaver g50 springs, drop hangers, 6" shackles, no bed just a cage over the frame, and soon will have a fuel cell on the back. It's not a DD and I'm hoping to eventually do some ametuer racing with it next summer. Originally I was planning on biting the bullet and going with 2.5" 3 tube bypasses for the rear. Of course now I feel the need to do a 5.3 lm7 swap which would tighten up my budget for bypasses. My question is would running 2.5 smooth reservoir shocks with 4" stroke bumps be a huge loss in comparison to a bypass tuned so the last bit of travel acts as the bump stop. The class that I would like to race rules that coilovers can only be on either front or rear, coilovers and bypasses can not be used in conjunction, and any naturally aspirated engine is allowed.
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