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snap-on or makita cordless impact


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I cant decide which one to go with, I all ready have Makita batteries and other tools. the Makita XWT08Z LXT Lithium-Ion Brushless Cordless seems very well built but is about a pound heavier, and seems to have good reviews. The snap-on 1/2" Drive 18 V MonsterLithium Impact Wrench (U.S.) looks more comfortable and a little lighter, but most of the video's show Makita and milwaulkee always brake stuff loose that snap-on can't, and are the faster tools. I just wonder how long they last compared to the snap-on.
Any opinions, thanks.


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I don't know about how long they last. I am like you in the market for an impact, but I have Dewalt batteries so will probably stick with Dewalt.

However, several guys I work with have the Milwaukee and they are superb. Very powerful. They mostly use the 3/8 drive because it will fit in tighter spots and still very powerful.

Snap On tools are often over rated and over priced. I make my living with tools and have very few Snap On tools in my box, because I don't feel that most are worth the money. I can make just as much money with a cheaper tool that does the same job in many cases. However, the one thing Snap On has that I like are their ratchets. I have not found any other brand that work as well and that I like.


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I went with the snap-on:) works great. I will post more information about it as I use it on more, right now I have used it dump truck wheels that have not been off in years, took them right off. It feels good in the hand and has a nice shape.