SNORE 2018


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This is the SNORE schedule for 2018 I will try to give some info on each race ,
!st Battle at Primm , this is a 14 mile closed course race that will have 7 heats lasting just over 1 hour and 10. Racing is Saturday and Sunday with qualifying Friday . The track is groomed and watered for close side by side racing lap after lap . Cars are grouped with classes close to the same speed so you are not getting run over by a big truck . There are great spectator locations and the Primm casinos are 200 yards away. Fun for the entire team with the tree bar and roller coaster.
2014 BAP spectator area.jpg.jpg

The 2nd race of the year is the Motion Tire 300 is in Ridgecrest cal. The track is 70 miles long with several different types of terrain starting with 4 miles of a fast sand wash then 4 miles of san feilpe whoops then back to fast and repeat. I personally like this area as it let's me use the time I have spent tuning the suspension to drive past my competitors. Some say the track is rough I say This track is real old school offroad racing.

The 3rd race of the season is in Caliente Nevada , it's 2 hours north of Vegas but well worth the drive . The track starts in town and runs down main street and runs up in the trees up to 7000 ft . There is a stream crossing and the track is fast and technical running on old fire roads. Laps are 60 miles long. This is a bucket list race , you have to do it once .


4th race the KC HiLites Midnight Special is in Jean Nevada . This is a true night race starting at dark. Laps are 65 miles long with typical Primm Jean terrain . The Gold strike Casino is about 1 mile from main pit so rooms are easy and lots of Las Vegas style action.
kc 250 cody.jpg

The 49th Snore 250 race is in Beatty Nevada , laps are 82 miles long and most classes will run 3 laps. The track runs parts of the frontier 500 track and parts of terrible 250. The track is fast .


The last race, Rage at the River is a can't miss event . 14 miles of closed course wheel to wheel racing that has 2 days of racing , sat and sun with qualifying on Friday . The track is about 1 mile from the Colorado river . 7 resorts are next to the main pit so rooms are cheap and close. This race is a perfect race to bring a potential sponsor and let them see 11 hours of great racing . Last year over 400 cars raced the race and SNORE awarded $98,000 in prize money