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SNORE- Caliente


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Here's the full skinny. This was cut and pasted from the <A target="_blank" HREF=http://www.go-desert.com>SNORE website</A>; thanks ERIC!

Class 9
1 990 Jeremy Harmon 1.21.20 1.23.31 1.24.54 4.09.45
2 966 Doug Ingram......1.23.52 1.24.33 1.26.47 4.15.01
3 920 Dwain Walters...1.23.26 1.26.03 1.25.43 4.15.12
4 914 Andy Kisner......1.27.10 1.26.19 1.26.00 4.19.29
5 950 Rodger Schank 1.24.00 1.27.22 1.35.18 4.26.40
6 910 Tommy Bradley 1.31.21 1.33.06 1.32.43 4.37.10
7 947 Joe Forte..........1.36.33 1.37.43 1.42.06 4.56.22
8 900 Joe Sheble.......1.23.05 1.23.05 2.16.09 5.02.19
9 927 Kevin Steele.....1.31.27 1.40.27 1.55.40 5.07.34
10 923 Mike Shimp....1.43.51 1.46.59 2.39.56 6.10.46
11 932 Ken Thatcher..1.26.02 2.21.53.............3.47.55
12 981 Randy Sleep...3.03.22.........................3.03.22
13 974 Jeremy Evans n/t

Must have been a hell of a race. Congrat's Jeremy! I think that's his first win since the night race of 2000. Looks like that "hired gun" got a lesson in driving a swingaxle! Great finishing ratio.

If anyone has pictures or other info, please post it here!


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I have digital pics from the Caliente race. Have a pioc of each car waiting in line to start. How do I put them in the reply without making them an attachment? Need some help. Thanks, Mike Hinson


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Pictures of the starting line at Caliente are now on line! <A target="_blank" HREF=http://www.formulanine.com/caliente2k1.htm>Click Here for photo's.</A>

Mike, to put a picture into the body of a post, that picture must first be on the internet somewhere; it can't be only on your computer. Therefore, you need a "host" to give your photo a web address. FormulaNine.com offer's this free of charge for all Class 9 pictures.

The procedure is this: type what is between the quotes, but not the quotes...

"[image](paste URL here)[/image]"

The best way to get the URL is to go to the webpage with the photo, RIGHT click on it. Click on "Properties". Left click and drag the URL Address, Right click and select "Copy". Then come back here and paste in the address. An example...[image]http://www.formulanine.com/990.jpg[/image...I left the last bracket off the end so it wouldn't actually put the picture in here. Go to the Test Board and give it a try.

Cheers, F9