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Rob Walters from

I forgot to mention a couple of people after the race Saturday (Sorry).

1-Ken Tapert-Had some down time on the 1st lap (1st wash actually), but kept after it for a great 2nd place.
2-Jim Neal- Also had some down time on lap 1, but as we saw at BB 400, Jim doesn't quit. His 3rd place was his best finish yet (previous was a 4th). And Jim, 3rd is high enough......
3- T-Baggin (sp?) group 1st lap rollover....and keep on going...great job.
4-Rob Mac-We came up on him parked on lap 3, got stuck trying to get around (I heard later he had rolled there). He moved his car, came back and helped my co-driver and a spectator get our car unstuck, also helped Brandon get unstuck, before adding the oil to his car, (that arrived at the same time we did).
Tuesday, June 10, 2003 at 18:18:47 (CDT)

Kenny Thatcher from

Ya I was a little fired up at the start of the race
i was having a good race with Rob W. and Glenn D. on
the first lap until mile 35 when I had a close encounter
with a pine tree and ripped the right front wheel off
the car after that my day was down hill from there
I want to thank the Valley Performance crew for
all there help and the Walters crew at pit C for lending
me an upper arm also Brandon Hughes guys at pit A for also
lending me an arm. I just ran out of tallent one of these
days I'll figure out how to slow down and keep my car together. I want to say hats off to my boy T.J.
for a great race you earned it and to the T-baggin boys
you guys recovered good from an early roll over. GOOD JOB

also, if any one has video of me eating S*%T off the start
or coming tdown the hill I would like to see it.
Hope to have all the bugs worked out before the Mid Night
see ya
Sunday, June 08, 2003 at 22:44:46 (CDT)