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Snore Mid-Night Special


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Hey all you nine guys why dont you wash those cars off and come race for some big money
Aug 3rd and 4th. there are 21 cars pre-registered all ready more cars means more money
$3,000 to first lets get some more cars out there that money goes up also I am going
to do a $100 dollar side pot for any one that is interested come see me at tech winner
take all last time I ran a pot it was at the BB400 and Andy Kisner took the prize
of $650 bucks and that was a $50 dollar pot we had 13 cars just in the pot.
for more info on the Mid-Night Special race check out www.go-desert.com</A>


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Kenny, it's good to see you in here! Rally up the rest of those speedy SNORE guys and let's get some more drivers posting in here!! With all the talent and experience in SNORE, the should be much knowledge to be shared! <A target="_blank" HREF=http://www.formulanine.com/forumintro.htm>All you gotta do is click here!</A>

Good luck to all at the night race. Gonna try to be there, but with camera, not car.


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Eric from <A target="_blank" HREF=http://www.go-desert.com>www.go-desert.com</A> just sent in this list. SNORE gots it goin' on in Class 9! That's like 21 Class 9 cars! Good luck to all!

Jim Neil
Tom Taliaferro
Mike Dixon
Brian Fieger
Danny Fox
Randy Sleep
Jeremy Evans
Joe Sheble
Shawn Sheble
Andy Kisner
Dan Folts
Jeremy Harmon
Doug Ingram
Dwain Walters
Mike Shimp
Ken Thatcher
Tommy Bradley
Joe Forte
Kevin Steele
Paul Matthews
Tom Vanderploeg


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Wish I could be there, but we have a BORE race the next weekend in Ely.
GOOD LUCK to all the racers!!!

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