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SNORE Night Race


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Just a quick congrat's to Jeremy Harmon for winning the Night race! The Walters Bros in second. Story and pix at F9.com later tonight.

Cheers, F9


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Here's the official order from SNORE. Thanks to Eric at <A target="_blank" HREF=http://www.go-desert.com>www.go-desert.com</A> !

1 990 Jeremy Harmon 4.51.48
2 920 Dwaine Walters 5.08.45
3 988 Brian Fieger 5.44.38
4 999 Clay Lenard 6.20.10
5 900 Joe Sheble 6.45.25
6 914 Andy Kisner 6.47.05
7 966 Doug Ingram 7.20.47
8 923 Mike Shimp 7.22.39
9 922 Tim Dixon (Three laps) 6.44.37
10 911 Jim Neil (Three laps) 7.03.26
11 947 Joe Forte (Two laps) 4.18.23
12 932 Ken Thatcher (Two laps) 4.43.06
13 949 Mike Clark (One lap) 1.24.36
14 915 Tom Vanderploeg (One lap) 1.25.54
15 912 Brandon Hughes (One lap) 2.43.44
16 974 Jeremy Evans DNF
16 942 Danny Fox DNF


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Just wanted to say CONGRATS to all the winners!!!
Way to go Jeremy!!!
Wish I could have been there, looked like a fun race from the pictures I've seen!!!

<font color=red>Cameron</font color=red>
<font color=yellow>BRAT Racing # 936</font color=yellow>


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I finally got the pictures posted. <A target="_blank" HREF=http://www.formulanine.com/snorenightrace2001.htm>Click Here</A> to go straight there.


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Mike, that is a great idea. I will be at the MDR night race (with camera-not car) on the 25th. If there are any drivers there that would like to be the first to be featured in an article, please contact F9.com. We'll make arrangements for pix and a Q & A.

How 'bout it Folts?!!